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Abraham Valentino a Real Estate Developer, Investor, Blockchain entrepreneur, founder of Numusum, an asset backed cryptocoin. Numusum a Blockchain eco system for Real Estate Industry

About Abraham

Abraham Valentino is a man of unrivaled determination and passion for creativity. This US-based business entrepreneur is known for his contribution to technology sector, innovations in Real Estate industry, love of fashion and social life. Now, Abraham is working on two innovations that will be distributive in their industries. Millennial Homes, steel framed, zero net energy homes that are green, energy producing, earthquake and fire resistant homes. Nummus ICO, which will be launched in 2018. A crypto currency, a peer to peer lending and investing on collateralized assets.

Alexander Arya Valentino is following his dad’s footsteps. Arya is a bright, intelligent, and well-mannered young man who loves fashion and video games. At this age, he posses strong intellect and is focused on making money. Just like his dad, he also loves traveling, fashion and social life as well.


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NUMMUS Cryptocurrency

A self-made man with an umpteen achievements in hand, Abraham Valentino is all set to leave his footmark in the Blockchain Technology with Nummus ecosystem. With this, he will be creating a new foundation for global investors and investees to help them use the free market organism on a secured global blockchain system. The platform once launched, Nummus will offer a boarder less investment and lending opportunities on collateral assets.

What is Nummus?

Nummus is cryptocurrency used on Nummus eco system, which will allow investors to invest in collateralized and verified assets.

Valentino’s vision in creating Nummus?

Abraham always seeks for opportunities to do something different and unique, so he envisioned Nummus ecosystem. Abraham wants to build a boarder-less, secure enterprise investment network, offering investment opportunities to both small and institutional investors on collateralized assets. A global market with over $100,000,000,000 annual market cap.
The Nummus will help investors and investees alike in a market driven peer to peer open platform.

When will the Nummus ecosystem go live?

Nummus ICO is scheduled for 2018. Although the specific date is not confirmed, Please visit Nummus.us

Bitcoin Apparel

Valentino’s combined love of fashion and technology led to creation of newly design lifestyle fashion line Bitcoin Apparel. Look for the new men and women’s sportswear to hit the global markets!!

                                              iMetros Corporation

Abraham Valentino is founder and CEO of  iMetros corporation. a real estate investment, technology and development firm founded in 2012.
Valentino’s new vision on developing single family homes, The Millennial Homes is changing the way homes will be built. The Millennial Homes are zero net energy homes that produce their own energy, they are green, IoT Smart, steel framed homes that are more earthquake and fire resistant than a typical wood framed homes. They also require far less upkeep and maintenance as they are not as vulnerable to moisture, mold and termites.  It takes a fraction of a time to build a Millennial Home compared to a wood framed home. The global market demand for high-tech net zero and affordable single-family homes creates a huge market for iMetros future global expansion.
Abraham Valentino recognizes the need for environment-friendly housing, fire and earthquake resistant, energy producing and self-sufficient homes with less environmental waste during constructions and life of the home.
The Millennial Homes structural technology has been patented in 42 countries. The zero net energy requirements meet CA 2020 energy mandate.

The Millennial Home project is due to start in California in 2018. iMetros plans on a global expansion of its models after perfecting the offsite contraction process of these homes.
Abraham Valentino earned a healthy ROI within first three years of establishing the firm. In addition to its real estate development, a real estate service arm of iMetros is under consideration.

Net Zero Homes (Zero Net Energy Homes)

The Millennial Homes

r4 net zero

In California alone, 430,000 single family homes were sold in 2017 with an average price of $508,000 making the California single family home annual market cap a 220,000,000,000 industry on an annual basis.  Keeping up with this demand and affordable luxury homes, Abraham Valentino is launching its Millennial Home project.  Single family residences designed with upmost luxury, comfort and safety in mind.  while complying with the California 2020 energy mandate, Abraham’s Millennial Homes  projects feature zero waste and no emission, they offer higher earthquake and fire resistant, less maintenance with no future termite, moisture or mold issues as the Millennial homes are steel framed construction. Abraham is also working on replacing the commonly used drywalls to removable wall panels, which will allow homeowner to resize their rooms and interiors without having to remodel.   .
These are ultra-modern houses constructed using technology patented in 42 countries. the millennial Homes are IOT smart. All electronics, appliances, doors, heating cooling could be monitored and controlled via a cell phone. The internal air quality of Millennial homes are far healthier than an average wood framed home that uses forced air. Forced air distributes pollen and dust, while millennial homes are equipped with radiant heating and cooling floors and ceiling tiles.  The millennial homes are 2 bedrooms with 2 1/2 baths and one car garage. A third bedroom and bath could be easily added to the structure due to its framing and design. Abraham Valentino’s Millennial Homes are due in major California cities starting from 2018. Valentino speculates that all homes will be presold before constructions begin. It takes about 4 months to complete a Millennial Home after its foundation, which is months faster than a wood frame home.


San Diego Project

san dei

San Diego’s urban areas are booming regarding real estate. Abraham Valentino’s current SFR projects include about 1800 SF with four bedrooms 3 ½ baths plus balcony and den. These luxury homes also feature stunning interior design elements, such as modern windows, lighting, floors, chef’s kitchen and two garages. These Mediterranean estates would cost under $600k.

California Zero Net Energy Fire and Earthquake Resistant Project


SFR project for California AKA The Millennial Homes consist  two master suites plus extra guest bath, marble bathroom, tall ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and rooftops. These ultra-modern homes will cost in the ranges of $650k.

Las Vegas Project

next pic

Mr. Valentino’s Los Vegas project features luxury, but affordable homes of small size, ranging from 400 sf to 1200 sf secured in a gated community that features a pool and a clubhouse. These homes are laced with the latest technologies, self-producing power and zero footprints.
Las Vegas Strip Luxury Condominiums

Luxury Condos In Vegas


Las Vegas Strip Condominiums started attracting Abraham in 2013. Then, Valentino invested in units at Allure, Martins, and Sky Las Vegas to name a few. Most of the properties are luxury 2-bedroom condos, some of which required little remodeling and furnishing.
Before these condos were sold, they were rented for a short period. Tenants include a San Francisco based CEO who bought this luxury on strip penthouse for amazing views of the entire Los Vegas. Another tenant was a current world boxing champion.

Bay Area Prime Real Estate


Bay Area Prime Real Estate

Abraham Valentino set up a boutique real estate firm – Bay Area Real Estates in 2008. By then he had developed over $25,000,000 of real estate in Tiburon, CA. The company expanded its local listing from Los Gatos to Napa Valley and targeted both local and international clients. In 2009, Valentino purchased Engle & Volker’s southern Marin Franchise. He also focused on San Francisco Soma and Financial District high-rise condominiums.

Former CEO of SFLuxury.com


Now, the owner and chief professional officer of iMetros.com, Abraham Valentino formerly served as CEO of SFluxury.com, a San Francisco based real estate firm. Through this firm, Valentino established himself as a leading luxury brokerage in downtown San Francisco who specialized in luxury residences and condominiums.
It was one of the most successful local listing websites in San Francisco with over 2,000 daily hits. With this business, Valentino targeted potential property buyers all around the globe. He used global marketing strategies to reach interested parties overseas and accomplish sales. His property listings had nearly 250,000 advertisements on a daily basis attracting more than 150,000 daily views worldwide.
Abraham Valentino leveraged the Internet, Networking, Real Estate Media and all available channels to provide full exposure to SFLuxury.com. To expand his sales networking, he also provides an Un-Branded Virtual Tour of all his property listings on the websites of other realtors for further promotion.

Arya Development Corporation


During late 90’s and early 2000, real estate sector in Bay Area introduced lucrative opportunities for investors. Land, Condo and multimillion dollars single-family homes were remodeled, developed and entitled.He grabbed the opportunity and offered ultra-luxury homes, single-family residences and mansion villas in Tiburon, CA.
Some of ultra-luxury developed from the ground up by Abraham:

  • Delmar Development
  • Sugarloaf Development
  • Place Moulin Development
  • Paradise Rd
  • Layford Dr
  • 1 Daneil Burnham, SF
  • NY Times Article

Contribution In Technology

Paid Programming In College

The beginning of Abraham Valentino’s professional success dates back to personal computer era. Abraham became one of the most-demanded paid computer programmers while he was studying.
He also led a team of programmers at Personal Computer Corporation, a Miami-based computer company. The company was a pioneer in creating and offering futuristic and innovative small business digital applications.

Served As Director of Development for Software Industry

With rapid development of smaller and personal computer systems, many businesses emerged to offer small business applications.
Abraham Valentino served at a revered position of ‘Director of Development.’ While on this position, he helped with digital transformation of many small to medium-size businesses. Some of Valentino’s major clients were international manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

Established UniSoft International – Valentino’s First Software Venture

It was the time when IBM PC first hit the market! Abraham Valentino then joined UniSoft International developing a relational database for application development and file management of PCs.
Abraham Valentino – The man who always thinks out of the box, founded UniSoft International, a software company. The company was very active in retail automation and had worldwide clients, such as Rawlings, MaxMara, SergioTechini and few more big fashion and sporting good brands.

Developed Just-In-Time: one of the first POS (Point of Sale)

Valentino introduced one of the first POS (Point of Sale) applications known as “Just-In-Time” in the USA in the 80’s. The system also attracted huge local as well global clientele. One of its major clients was America’s largest sporting goods distributor – Outdoor Sports Headquarters known as OSHI. The distributor had more than 19,000 retailers worldwide.
Abraham was a teen when he established this first successful digital masterpiece!

Silicon Logics Inc – Another Big Successful Software Organization

Unisoft’s success led him to another big software empire just at the age 20!
After the success of Unisoft, Abraham Valentino moved to California (CA), and founded Silicon Logics Inc., which is a successful software organization. He served as a CEO of this San Francisco-based company for 16 years. The company produced strategic digital solutions for small as well as mid-size companies. These solutions included point-of-sale systems, supply chain, and e-commerce applications.
Abraham started this big venture with just two things – his expertise in coding and his determination. He didn’t have investors with him at that time. The company eventually grew over $4 million revenue and had a team of 20 brilliant programmers.

Social Life Of Abraham

Abraham Valentino loves to socialize! He never misses an opportunity to be in the limelight. Be it a ballet opening event, a music concert or a charity event, Abraham enjoys being a part of social events.
Check out below Mr. Valentino’s appearance at recent events:

106th symphony opening

With so many renounced guests dressed to hilt 106th season-opening night of San Francisco Symphony, Abraham Valentino was one of them to enjoy the evening. He looked dapper in Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo’s cladded with zebra prints.

Asian art Music gala 2017

On March 2, Asian Art music gala hosts more than 800 guests, Abraham being the one. He was wearing black tuxedo’s and was looking dapper. The gala’s theme of Technology and art was clearly visible in Gala Decor.

Asian Art Museum Gala 2017

Abraham was spotted at the Asian Art Museum Annual Gala held on 2nd March 2017. The event reflected entertainment from Samsung 360 degree VR gear, Cisco interactive displays, evening entertainment by dance group and much more. This fundraising event successful raised 1.6 million dollars to benefit the Education Department of the museum.

Supporting 2017 Opening Night Gala: Ever Magical

Know more about Abraham Valentino’s Social Life here.


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