Net Zero Homes – Is It The Future of Housing Development?

Net Zero Home: The Environment- friendly Green Housing!
Why Should You Think About A Net Zero Home?

Global climate issues are compelling most people to take meaningful actions. Housing development alone consumes around 40% of total yearly energy consumption in America. Considering this fact, housing industrialists and people are now thinking of revolutionary ways to built energy-efficiency residences. And, this is where NET ZERO HOMES come into the picture.
When it comes to energy-efficiency, not all houses are constructed equally.
First, there are electrically-powered homes that use 100+ kWh per square foot yearly. Then, there’re higher-efficiency homes that use solar-powered equipment, high-efficiency appliances and small photovoltaic system to bring the energy use down to about 80 kWh per square foot yearly.
Finally, there are “net zero energy homes” that consume no energy at all, instead, produce energy at their own.
Zero energy homes are regular grid-tied homes, so air-tight, energy-efficient and well-insulated.
However, these are not just “green home!” Net Zero Home features an advanced customized design, superior architecture with energy efficiency and on-site solar panels to built self-energy-producing buildings. Net Zero Homes are ultra-comfortable and opulent yet affordable to live in.

How Does A Home Become Net Zero?


In laymen terms, a net zero home generates as much energy as it uses on its own, that’s too, without greenhouse gas emissions. The initial step in achieving this is to improve your home’s efficiency.
Now, how could you do this? Make your home as airtight as possible! Use highly-efficient kitchen and laundry appliances, heating and air conditioning equipment and lighting fixtures. Your electrical system must be able to accommodate rooftop solar panels.
Next, your home must maximize the use of on-site energy sources such as geothermal and solar wind so that they produce enough energy to power the home on their own, achieving a net zero in-take of grid energy.
While energy efficiency of the house and renewable energy equipment are important components, a holistic design principle equally matters. To achieve a fully net-zero home, you’ve to work with the site and the climate, while utilizing renewable energy sources. It is why trying to power an existing home with renewable energy to make it a net zero is almost impossible. You have to newly built it!
Undoubtedly, building material and systems are crucial for zero energy homes, commencing the process with a smart design is paramount for a successful outcome.
Abraham Valentino, Chief Executive Office of iMetros corporation, a real estate development and investment firm in California is the name that lists among the people who are striving to promote environment through net-zero homes construction. Valenitno possesses the knowledge, training, and expertise to build highly comfortable, sustainable and energy-efficient homes and plans to place them globally. In an interview Abraham Valenitno said “ We want to advance building a home same as a fast food chain makes a burger, regardless of where you go, you will get the same quality. Our goal is to standardize a luxury residence that most people on earth could easily afford and comfortably and luxuriously live in, and our mission at iMetros is to achieve this in a global scale.”
Besides net-zero housing, Abraham Valentino is also a Blockchain entrepreneur. He’s going to launch Nummus – a crypto currency next year. In addition to Valentino’s aggressive ventures in crypto currency and global real estate ventures, he has co-founded a new sports-ware fashion line for both men and women. “I am passionate about fashion” Abraham Valentino quoted.

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